Would you shiver, would you shake,                                              

Would you say "For Goodness' Sake!",

If a big bad Witch came up to you and said "BOO" !!! (very short poem by me, aged 7 !)

Wicked Witch of the West

If you are celebrating Halloween with a fancy dress party or taking the children out Trick or Treating, here are some Bach Flower Remedies to have at hand for the annual fright-fest of ghouls and ghosts and haunts and jaunts..........and you can safely give the remedies to children too.

Are you afraid of the dark?  Then Mimulus is the Bach Flower Remedy to take (the remedy for known fears).  Or are you afraid of 'something' in the dark or 'things that go 'bump' in the night' that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end?  For those vague and unknown fears of the mind Aspen is the remedy.  If you watch too many horror films this Halloween and experience nightmares or terror then try Rock Rose to bring calm to mind, body and soul.  Happy Halloween!!!  




? YES/NO; YEA/NAY; AYE/NAW ?.....with just a week to go until the Scottish Independence Referendum, for those of you eligible to vote in this historically important event, a question for you - have you made the decision as to how you are going to vote?  Are you still weighing up questions within your own mind and finding it difficult to make a decision, or do you distrust your own judgement and seek the opinion of all and sundry around you and become confused with the differing opinions offered to you?  Then let the Bach Flower Remedies help you....."How on earth can flower remedies help me decide how to vote" I hear you ask....well, the following remedies assist us when we have difficulty in reaching a decision - be it big or small.  Scleranthus is the remedy for you if you are struggling to come to a decision as to which way you will cast your vote; this is the remedy to take when we really can't make a decision between two (or more) choices.  Scleranthus helps us to bring our thoughts into focus so we can make a decision we are confident and sure about without seeking the opinions of others.  On the other hand, Cerato is the remedy for those who distrust their own judgement and seek the opinion of others and, in the process, become easily swayed by differing opinions.  People who experience the Cerato state of mind usually do know their own minds but distrust their judgements...Cerato is the remedy which helps give us confidence in our own decision-making.  So these particular remedies can help us whether the decisions to be made are big or small.  The decision is yours......Liz



See my Google+ page for details of a unique Pilot Study open to Emergency Services Staff (and their families) who are diagnosed (or self-diagnose) with work-related stress. Data collected from the pilot study will be analysed for treatment efficacy, as well as to discover any implications in relation to the application of essence therapy (ET) (i.e. Bach Flower Remedies) as an effective tool to reduce stress levels among emergency service workers and their families. 


'Bach' to School.....



Starting school for the first time, moving to a new school or going to college or university can arouse differing emotions in children, teenagers and even parents. Some children/teens and young adults may be excited and looking forward to school/college/university, while others may be more anxious and apprehensive. Such emotions are natural, but if they become a problem then the Bach Flower Remedies can be taken to help cope with these milestone events. Some recommendations are Walnut to help if the transition from home to school, school to college/university is difficult, as this remedy assists with adapting to change in new environments; Larch for self-confidence; Mimulus for those who may be fearful of this new stage in their life. Chicory is the remedy for those children who may feign illness as a way of not going to school, or who crave attention. Teenagers having difficulty in deciding what subjects to choose may find Scleranthus of benefit; Wild Oat can help when we do not know what career to pursue or direction to take. For parents Chicory can help loosen the apron strings if they feel over-protective of their children, while Red Chestnut is helpful if parents/grand-parents are have excessive fear or anxiety about the child’s safety or welfare while they are away from the home. I can vividly recall my own experience of my first day at secondary school….thrust into a new environment with new people, away from my friends and cosy primary school which I loved, I was in a state of shock…Star of Bethlehem and Walnut would have been the remedies for me then. So, let the remedies help your children (and you) ease their way at this stage of their lives.

From Dreaming…to scheming….to screaming….!



A warm welcome to my new (and first) Blog. Please bear with me as I navigate this new landscape and find my bearings. My aim is to blog instinctively and meaningfully. This first post is a relevant introduction to my own experience with the Bach Flower Remedies which has helped bring me to this point in my life; this will hopefully help you learn more about the Remedies (if you are new to them) or discover fresh insights if you already know about them….after 20 years of using the remedies I am still amazed at what I discover about them and myself.

So how did I get from Dreaming to screaming!? By taking a particular remedy mix on a long-long-term basis….CLEMATIS/HORNBEAM/WALNUT…my own essential essence in a bottle. As a bona fide seeing pictures in the clouds, faces in the flames, on swirly carpets and wallpaper kind(a) girl, my dreams were housed in ‘castles in the air’……”wouldn’t it be great to…….oh, I would love to do……..I wish I could go to………when I retire I’ll…….”, ‘living’ in the future instead of the present; basically the archetypal Clematis-type personality. As described in the Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip M. Chancellor I relate totally to 99% of the description of the Clematis type “…daydreamers…absent-minded….often affects the eyes and the ears, for those organs are being used for inward seeing and hearing only……” (I’ve been very short-sighted since childhood and always had problems with my ears)…..”I invariably fall asleep at lectures…” (as colleagues will testify).CLEMATIS brings me back down to earth and helps me focus with real interest on the here and now to put my dreams into practical action.

Before getting to the screaming! stage, HORNBEAM has been crucial helping me through the scheming stage by giving me the necessary boot up the backside to give me the mental alertness and strength required to deal with the many tasks and learning associated with planning and starting my own business. Hornbeam is often described as “The Monday Morning Remedy” – in a negative Hornbeam state we can feel tired and weary just at the thought of doing something; this remedy helps strengthen our mind and body to tackle and complete any tasks we need to do. Hornbeam helps nicely with Clematis in this respect as in the more negative Clematis state our mental strength and energy is focused in the internal realms of the mind and projected into the future.

As further described by Philip M. Chancellor…”The Clematis type is mediumistic and sensitive to all kinds of influences for ill…..” as a Medium and aware of spirit since childhood, I am extremely sensitive to the emotions of people around me and the ‘atmosphere’ of places and situations. The development of these sensitivities has allowed me to learn ways of dealing with the emotions of others I naturally pick up on, but it is just so much part of ‘me’ that I find it difficult not to be aware of what goes on around me…..this is where WALNUT comes in. Walnut is the remedy for those oversensitive to outside ideas and influences and is also known as the link-breaker or spell-breaker. This can help anyone who is tied or influenced by others’ opinions or demands; for highly sensitive people who work with people, be it in a caring capacity or through Mediumship or Healing, Walnut helps protect from such influences, be they from the physical or non-physical world. For me, it works well with Clematis and Hornbeam to keep me grounded but still allows for empathy and compassion without being drained by other peoples’ emotions/conditions. This particular remedy mix has therefore taken me to the screaming! stage by bringing me into focus, being grounded, giving me mental and physical strength to take practical steps to bring my long-held dream of working for myself in a healing capacity to help others and now EVENTUALLY this has happened and the screaming! is with excitement and can’t quite believing I am finally at this stage! To be continued………………..