Myers Briggs Personality Test have been around for a while now, but I happened to stumble upon a Pinterest Board dedicated to some of the Myers Briggs Personality Types and according to my results I am an INFP Type – ‘The Healer’ or ‘The Mediator’.  A very accurate description of my character traits and good to know I’m doing the right kind or work that suits my personality! Here are a couple of links for you to try out the test for yourself:;;;

Also if you, like me, love home décor ideas and inspiration, here’s a lovely blog that has interior design ideas for each of the personality types:

This is not a random post on personality types, however, as there are connections as to how the Bach Flower Remedies can help with the less lovely aspects of our personality (as well as our everyday moods) so keep an eye out for future Blogs giving some insight into the 'type' remedies.

22 March 2015


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