Truly "Awesome"

reflected trees

Following on from research findings earlier in the year, which found that people are becoming more oblivious to natural sounds such as birdsong, the wind, trees rustling etc (, more recent research highlights the importance of being in natural surroundings which not only help to reduce stress, but also promotes anti-inflammatory effects on the body.  A "sense of awe and wonder" at being in nature, listening to beautiful and uplifting music or looking at awe-inspiring art has been found to be crucial in producing beneficial health effects in the body. Read the full article by Jayney Goddard MSc, FCMA, Lic.LCCH, Dip.ACH, President, The Complementary Medical Association at  

Digital Radio used to broadcast birdsong to fill empty station slots and there was an outcry when it stopped, and if you long to hear birdsong again then try  Being in nature can help reduce stress and help us become more balanced and healthy - physically and mentally - connecting with that vast universe that connects us all.  Social Media and the technology that drives it has its place, but it can draw our awareness away from the wonders of nature to be so fixated on/distracted by/addicted to the digital world that we become like digital cattle...herded towards the next upgrade, the newest gadget...our attention span reduced to less than a nano-second.  Being in nature brings me closer to my own nature....the night sky and the mountains of Scotland have always inspired awe and wonder in me.  An abiding childhood memory is walking home on winter evenings after visiting my Grannies, my parents on either side, me holding their hands with my head turned up towards the sky for most of the journey home, gazing in awe at the stars...even now I still have that sense of wonder.  What invokes awe and wonder in you?

29 June 2015

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