Soul Solace Therapies A Bach Consultation

What Does a Bach Consultation Involve?

Although the Bach Flower Remedy system is essentially a self-help healing modality, it can appear a little daunting when faced with the 38 individual remedies - that is where a Bach Flower Remedy Consultation can be beneficial.  As a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, it is my role to help guide you to discover the most appropriate remedy/remedy combination for your specific situation.  Whilst doing so, I help you to learn more about the Remedies and how they work, giving you confidence to explore this unique healing system for yourself, should you so wish.

A consultation is not a counselling session; it is more of a client-centred discussion with me gently helping you to explore your current situation in order to agree on the best possible combination of remedies for you.  There is no need to dig into your past - the here and now are what matter.  It may be, that as the remedies work with your own energy system, other issues may arise - subsequent remedy mixes can then be changed or altered to suit.

If a particular issue is beyond my competency level, this will be discussed with you and an alternative appropriate service(s) can be suggested. 

If you feel you would like to choose your own remedy mix without a Consultation, I offer a cost-effective remedy mix service: simply choose the remedies you feel are most appropriate to you, pay via my Pricing page, email your remedy choices and I will post this out to you.

*You should always consult your GP if you feel you have a clinical/serious emotional or mood problem*

Who Can Benefit from Bach Flower Remedies?

As Bach Flower Remedies are safe for anyone to take, anyone can benefit from their gentle healing properties.  Relationship issues, stresses and strains of motherhood and family life, stress at work, studying for exams, the ups and downs of everyday moods - emotional upsets around these areas can be eased and supported by the remedies.  Animals and even plants can benefit too!